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Dear Teen Me: Bloggers Respond to THE ART OF GETTING STARED AT


We have been so moved by the reviews for Laura Langston’s important and engrossing YA novel, The Art of Getting Stared At. In addition to posting their thoughts on the book, our bloggers have included messages to their teen selves about body image and self esteem. Check them all out here:

The Art of Getting Stared At is a rich story that deals with illness and body image, and does it in such a way that it’s easy to relate to, but also something to reflect on. “

Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup

“Please pick up this book because it needs to be read, it will change you because it change me after I finished it, and it begs to be read and it deserves all the praise in the world. “ Conversations of a Reading Addict

“The Art of Getting Stared At is a thought provoking novel about one girl learning there’s always more to people than what meets the eye. I loved that it communicated the message that people are more than just one thing. “More Than Just Magic

“Langston is clearly an author to watch and someone who knows how to handle difficult subjects with equal measures of honesty and heart. “ Xpresso Reads

I would recommend this read to teens everywhere. Not only to become aware of alopecia, but to read a story where looks are not everything, and that no matter what, things will be okay in the end. “ Chapter x Chapter

“I really enjoyed Sloane’s voice, even though she was stubborn and kept this secret for such a long time. I acknowledged her struggles and I especially loved her dynamic relationship with her stepmother…I really enjoyed The Art of Getting Stared At and I hope more books like it will keep on getting written. Maji Bookshelf

“A compelling, engaging story with a cast of flawed, likeable characters in a novel that promises to both educate and entertain, The Art Of Getting Stared At is one novel that will keep you thinking long after you turn the final page and that can, and will, stand proudly amongst its peers. “ Pop Goes the Reader

Dear Reader: A Letter From Emery Lord


Dear Reader,

When you have a book coming out, one of the questions you get most often is: “So, what’s it about?”

I have a lot of answers: OPEN ROAD SUMMER is about best friends, about summer and travel and music. It’s about setting who are against who you want to be and trying to close that gap. It’s about all kinds of love–family and friends and yourself and the flirtation that might just become something more one day.

But, if we’re going behind-the-scenes here…the truth is, for me, this book is mostly about forgiveness.

It’s strange to me that forgiveness rarely gets talked about. No one ever says, “I like that girl. She’s really good at forgiving people.” But how and when and why to forgive? That’s one of the hardest, best things I’ve had to learn in my 20-something years.

So, OPEN ROAD SUMMER is about forgiving your family for not being perfect. Of course they’re not perfect. It doesn’t matter. They’re yours.

It’s about forgiving your best friend because, in some ways, she has what you want. It’s okay to wish that you could trade lives sometimes. She feels the same way about you. I promise.

It’s about forgiving the people in your life who bailed on or betrayed you. They hurt you. It wasn’t your choice, and that sucks. But the choice you do have? Who you’re going to be from here on out.

It’s about forgiving the girls who were bitches to you in junior high. Holding on to that bitterness doesn’t change what happened. And becoming a bitch yourself? That makes you the same as them.

Most of all, it’s about forgiving yourself. So you made a bad choice or six. Maybe you were reckless, with your choices or with others’ feelings or even with yourself. Being a teen and human is not about whether or not you’ll mess up. You will. It’s about you DO with that mess.

So, reader, thanks for taking a summer road trip with Dee, Reagan and me. I hope you see the concerts and the American landscape and the fireworks, and I hope you see yourself in one or two of the characters. But mostly, I hope it reminds you that, as our girl Taylor Swift would say, today is never too late to brand new.

Emery Lord 

Excited about OPEN ROAD SUMMER? Find out more when Emery drops by to fill out the Behind the Bill questionnaire next week! In the meantime, check out this awesome video: