Behind the Bill: Megan Crewe


Today we’re going Behind the Bill with Canadian author Megan Crewe, author of the upcoming sci-fi YA novel Earth & Sky. 

1. What was your favourite book growing up?

My absolute favorite book as a kid was Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s THE CHANGELING. I related so much to the main character, Martha, who’s shy and imaginative and bookish, and I longed for a friend like Ivy to draw me out of my shell into creative adventures. I never did have a friend quite like Ivy, but that book made me feel that imagination and creativity were important skills, which I’m sure contributed to my having the confidence to continue writing stories and pursue writing professionally.

2. Tell us about the first piece of writing you ever finished.

If we’re talking any piece of writing at all, the first I remember was a My Little Pony story I made up about my toys when I was too young to even write it down, which my mom transcribed for me and I then illustrated in crayon. 🙂 On a more mature level, the first full-length book I ever finished was a high fantasy novel involving humans, elves, and half-breeds, an evil sorcerer determined to take over the world, and many other cliches, which I spent most of ninth grade writing and was already pretty disillusioned with by the time I reached the end. But I’m still glad I wrote it, because it proved to me that I could write a whole book–and I could only write better ones from there!

3. If you could have lunch with one author, alive or dead, who would it be & why?

I’d have to say Zilpha Keatley Snyder, because as I mentioned above she wrote my favorite childhood book, and I just recently found out she’s passed on, so other than by the magic of this question there’s no way I could meet her now. I’d love to find out more about her writing process, and it sounds like she had a fascinating life beyond her writing as well, with many travels around the world it’d be fun to talk about.

4. If you could hang out with one of the characters from your book, who would you choose & why?

Probably Win. He may have some ideas about Earthlings that need challenging, but he means well–and the fact that he has a time cloth that could take us anywhere and almost any when in Earth history while we were hanging out makes for a pretty big draw. 🙂

5. Describe your book in five words.

Unsettling alien time travel adventure.



Earth & Sky will be available October 28th. Pre-order here or here and be sure to follow along with the Canadian blog tour:

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